So I’m Ben, a proud owner of a growing welsh mane of facial hair. Having just finished my Master’s degree in Zoology at Bangor University I’m ready to get out into the world and travel. My lovely girlfriend, the one and only Sarah Boyle has recently finished her degree as well, making it the perfect time for us to both experience the far corners of the world together (yes I know the world is technically round and is lacking corners!). Having both done some travelling already before meeting each other we are now ready to put together our travel skills and get planning our trip from India and south-east Asia all the way down to Australia commencing January 2016. Being a Zoologist with a huge interest in the natural world and a fairly keen wildlife photographer you can expect this page to be filled with plenty of photos focused upon the many wonders of the natural world, be it tiny specks of fungi, scaly reptiles (it’s probably going to be dominated by these) or some of the gigantic mammals. I hope you enjoy!